How to Choose the Right Toys For Your Child’s Developmental Stage

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How to Choose the Right Toys For Your Child’s Developmental Stage

Childcare Nursery Wolverhampton: While buying toys for your kids, you may look at several factors. Besides being safe, you should also consider if the toys are appropriate for that particular age. At present, the majority of the toys come labeled with the age group it is made for. This will help you in choosing the right toys for your kids. 

Besides that, you can also take the help of the Guidelines prepared by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Also, you need to consider certain other factors that will ensure that you have selected the right toy for your kid. Because the interests may differ for different age groups. 

At Apple Tree Nursery, the best Childcare Nursery Wolverhampton, we make sure that the children play with the appropriate aged toys in their developmental stages. 

The Right Toys For Child’s Developmental Stage 

Selecting the right kind of toys for your kids is quite important as it determines the development of their mental and physical health. They learn to carry out their daily activities with the help of play. So selection of the correct toys for developmental age is important. 

Let’s see the right toys that are appropriate for developmental age – 

·         Appropriate Toys For Young Infants (0-6 months): 

This is the age when babies love spending their time observing things. They are amazed by different sounds and movements. Also, they slowly start learning what their bodies can do, like raising their heads and toes. They also reach out to grasp things and for this age group, the correct types of toys will be soft toys, squeeze toys, rattles, and others that they can easily hold. Besides that, young infants love listening to lullabies and observing different things. 

·         Correct Toys For Older Infants (7-12 Months): 

At this age, they start understanding different kinds of movement and they try rolling out, standing, or sitting. They are also capable of placing toys from one place to another. Along with playing with the toys appropriate for young infants, the children of this age group can also play with toy vehicles with wheels, balls, water and sand toys, soft blocks, and push-and-pull toys. 

·         Young Toddlers (1 Year Old): 

In this age group, children start walking, saying few words, and starts experimenting with shape and space. The appropriate toys for young toddlers will be push-and-pull toys, play telephones, rhythmic instruments, shape sorters, and nontoxic art materials, to name a few. 

·         Older Toddler (2 Years Old): 

At this age, kids start learning certain physical activities and they are more inclined to do jumping, climbing, or hanging from things. As they enter this age group, they start to play with other kids of the same age. Appropriate toys will be puzzles and snapping blocks, picture books, items for building, and role-play items like housekeeping equipment. Also, they enjoy other outdoor play items like climbing structures, slides, and tunnels. 

·         Preschoolers And Kindergarteners (3–6 Years Old): 

In this age group, kids learn to share and play with other children. And they fully master their motor skills, like running, jumping, or balancing. To ensure that the kids are properly engaged in their play, appropriate toys will be puzzles, building block sets, dolls with accessories, plastic bats and balls, modeling clay, and more. 

Apple Tree Nursery: The best Childcare Nursery Wolverhampton, Apple Tree Nursery, take care that your child engages with the appropriate toys at their developmental stages. 

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