The Importance of Outdoor Play For Children’s Health and Wellbeing

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The Importance of Outdoor Play For Children’s Health and Wellbeing

Children at present tend to spend more time with different electronic gadgets like T.V., tablets, laptops, phones, and others, by limiting outdoor activities. This increased usage of different gadgets is hampering the overall growth of young children. 

As a parent, you may notice that your kids easily choose screen time over outdoor activities. As they find it easy and less tiring. But this is significantly declining the development rate among children. And the news of children choosing electronic gadgets over outdoor play is not new and was present a decade back too! 

But, to maintain healthy growth for your kids, make sure that they are accustomed to healthy habits too! And engaging in outdoor activities is the best way to ensure this! At Wolverhampton Nursery Schools, we take care that your kids get enough outdoor play along with other activities. 

Benefits of Wolverhampton Nursery Schools For Children & Their Development 

Outdoor play is quite important when it comes to kids’ well-being and health. As a parent, you must encourage them to engage more in outdoor activities, rather than spending time indoors and watching cartoons all day long! 

Outdoor playing activities have several benefits attached to them which makes them highly important for their health and well-being. 

  • Better Health:

With increasing engagement in outdoor activities, better health conditions have been noticed among young children. As obese kids have higher chances of suffering from severe health issues like diabetes, asthma, cardiovascular diseases, and many more. These issues make it mandatory for kids to spend some time regularly in outdoor activities. Besides that, outdoor play ensures that your kid gets enough Vitamin D, which will aid in better bone and teeth health. Also, their immunity level gets better, helping their bodies to prevent diseases in a better way! 

  • Advanced Motor Skills:

Kids who spend certain hours daily on outdoor activities, develop advanced motor skills like proper balance, coordination, and agility. In outdoor spaces, the kids get more space to play, swing, walk, catch, climb trees, ride cycles, and many more. With this free movement, their physical endurance gets better. 

  • Healthy Body Mass Index:

There has been a sharp increase in obesity among children. Due to less movement and more screen time, situations are getting worse. Kids who go for regular play outdoors which includes physical movements, are remarkably more energetic and have a healthy weight. With being active and taking up some sport, burning off calories becomes easier among kids. 

  • Enhanced Muscle Strength:

Outdoor play is important for a child’s muscle growth too. With such activities, children engage all their muscles which leads to better growth. Activities like swinging, swimming, riding cycles, or skateboarding lead to strengthening muscles. 


All such outdoor activities are beneficial for a child’s overall health and well-being. As a parent, you need to focus on ensuring that your child gets enough time to spend on outdoor activities, which will help them in beating issues like obesity and lead a healthy lifestyle. 

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