What Factors Should a Parent Consider When Choosing a Nursery In Wolverhampton?

Nurseries in Wolverhampton

What Factors Should a Parent Consider When Choosing a Nursery In Wolverhampton?

According to research , the first five years of education are the most important in a child’s life as it can impact the child positively. Early education helps children to gain an understanding within the EYFS prime areas which include communication and language, physical development and personal, social and emotional development. It has a direct and great effect on children’s lives, but this can only be achieved with early intervention and education.

When choosing nursery schools, childminders or a nursery in Wolverhampton, a parent needs to assure all the aspects and get the best conclusion. There are various aspects a parent can consider while selecting a preschools or nurseries in Wolverhampton for their child.

Important Factors Parents Should Consider While Choosing Nursery Wolverhampton 

Below is the list of all the factors that parents should consider before opting for Nurseries Wolverhampton for their children.

Status of The School:

A parent needs to consider the status of the school and nursery when choosing Nurseries in Wolverhampton for their child. Parents should consider the location of the nursery to their home and consider the location based on the location of their work, along with distance from people that may pickup your child. You should look to check reviews on websites such as Day Nurseries and Google to see how other parents have reviewed the nursery.

Safety and Security: 

Safety is another important aspect when considering a nursery, look and ask what safety measures the nursery has implemented. Ensure the nursery is secure, with secure entrance and exit controls to ensure only authorized access only. The building should have CCTV with CCTV in the rooms only to prevent and rule out any allegations made. The staff working on the premises should be trained in administering medication should be present in case of emergency. 

Qualifies Teachers and Staff:

Parents should consider the qualifications that practitioners and other staff hold. Although the EYFS states that 50% of staff should be qualified to Level 3, due to the recruitment crisis within the sector, a lot of nurseries are recruiting apprentices to fill the gaps, unfortunately, this can be counter productive as Level 2 apprentices are new to the industry and may not have an in-depth understanding. It’s common for nurseries to have apprentices, however, ensure the nursery is not overrun with them.

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