How To Help Your Child Settle Into Nursery?

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How To Help Your Child Settle Into Nursery?

The first few weeks at Apple Trees Nursery Wolverhampton, Nursery in Wolverhampton may be a difficult time for you and your child, you can make this easier with just a few steps, planning, and great communication skills. The nursery will have a settling in policy that you have to follow. The nursery gives a lot of guidelines to making it easier for the parents and child.

Few Tips To Help Your Child Settle In Wolverhampton Nursery School.

Follow the below tips to help your child settle in the nursery.

Tell Them About The Nursery

Children may become worried or feel apprehensive if they are not told where they will be going and it’s always good to prime children. It may be a good idea to make suggestions to the child which will help them mentally prepare for the change in environment. The first few weeks of nursery are crucial as the child will go through some of the biggest changes in its life that it has ever experienced.

Take A Visit To Nursery And The Teachers

Before sending your child to Apple Tree Nursery Wolverhampton, visiting the nursery with your child will be a good idea. You can explore all the areas and this will help your child to get used to that place and make them comfortable with it. Encourage the child to play and you can discuss what they enjoyed after their settle session, this will help the child on their future settle sessions. During the settle session you and your child will meet their keyworker, the keyworker is a practitioner who your child will have the closest bond with as they will do activities with your child and work with your child to achieve milestones and their next steps.

Show Them Pictures, Videos

You can also let your child know more about the nursery with the photos, videos, and books from Apple tree Nursery Wolverhampton. This will help your child to remember the important aspects of the nursery.

And you should also keep all the necessary contacts with you. Make your child’s bag comfortable for them.

Our new Nursery in Wolverhampton offers warm, supportive staff work with you and your child at every stage of their development with a special emphasis on individual requirements, preferences and needs.

In addition, we offer great facilities, high quality resources and a carefully planned learning environment. We ensure every day is an exciting adventure and full of opportunities for your child to grow, develop and reach their full potential.

Searching for great new childcare nursery for your child? Choose Apple Trees. Whatever your requirements, we have the answer and offer the assurance that your child will be in safe hands at Apple Trees.

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