The Benefits of Sensory Play For Young Children

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The Benefits of Sensory Play For Young Children

Nursery in Wolverhampton: Kids love exploring their interests and find it delightful to experience the world with their senses. They may enjoy their time by splashing, spinning, dropping, oozing, and much more that they experience through their senses. Though this may seem messy and as a parent, you may tend to limit your toddlers from enjoying these, in reality, you should not! 

Sensory play plays a crucial role in the overall development of your toddler and their health. It helps your kid learn about the world and develop their cognitive skills. Sensory play comes with bunches of benefits in the development of young children. This blog will help in explaining why sensory play is so important for toddlers. 

And, enrolling your child in nurseries like Apple Tree nursery, the best childcare nursery in Wolverhampton, will make sure that your kids get full attention so they can explore their potential with sensory play. 

Nursery Wolverhampton About Sensory Play

In the sensory play, the child learns with the help of playing where any of their senses are engaged. These may include touch, taste, sound, smell, and other senses. At a young age, a child does not have their senses fully developed. But gradually while growing up, they explore the huge sensory world. 

With sensory play, they have new experiences that help in building nerve connections which ultimately shape the functioning of the brain. Nurseries like Apple Tree Nursery, use several sensory play forms, with the help of sensory toys and others, to build important cognitive, social, and emotional skills.

Different Ways In Which Sensory Play Supports A Child’s Development

Sensory play emphasizes developing your child’s social, emotional, and cognitive skills. And there are different ways in which sensory play and toys can enhance this development. 

The introduction of calming textures will positively contribute to the development of their emotional intelligence. You can hand your toddler play dough to create their shapes and it will help in calming them down. This will help them in the proper management of their emotions and make them think about which factors make them feel in that particular way. 

Apart from that, letting your child play with sand, water, and other such elements of nature will help them in having a close look into their environment and developing their fine motor skills. 

Benefits Of Sensory Play For Kids

Besides helping in structuring emotional intelligence in your child, sensory play and toys have a bunch of other benefits for the young ones. Some of the prominent merits are: 

·         Fine Motor Skills – 

Sensory play includes building, mixing, and other such activities that can be linked to certain other aspects of life like tying shoelaces and holding food items, etc. in everyday life. This shows that sensory play helps in building important skills which your child can use in their daily activities. 

·         Better Language Skills – 

While a child is engaged in sensory play, they might feel certain emotions that they might be unable to express with vocabulary. These emotions will gradually open up new opportunities for the child and they will convey their feelings with new descriptions or words. 

·         Cognitive Skill Development – 

On exposure to several kinds of sensory play, children get more curious and start questioning and trying to carry on playing in their way. This helps in building cognitive skills among young children. 

·         Enhances Their Will To Learn – 

Sensory play encourages toddlers to learn through curiosity, exploration, creative ideas, and solving problems. 


Sensory play offers an amazing experience to young minds in developing their mind and body. It plays an important part in developing their cognitive skills, language skills, or their desire to learn, through their senses. This growth will be helpful by leading them to perform their daily activities and much more. 

Apple Tree Nursery: At Apple Tree nursery, we take care of your child’s overall health and mental development by introducing different types of sensory play and toys to them. Enroll your child in our Nursery in Wolverhampton to see the best of your child’s growth. 

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